What is Mindset Coaching?

We all inherit belief systems from our parents and other significant people we were exposed to during childhood. As we grow older, we often find that those beliefs no longer serve us and hold us back from reaching our full potential. Some of the common themes I encounter when interacting with freedom-craving women are fear of being judged by family or colleagues, wondering if they’re good enough, not making enough money, making too much money, fear of taking risks, sabotaging their own success and lack of belief that they can embrace entrepreneurship despite the inherent challenges.

You may have some thoughts around either leaving your job altogether or taking the entrepreneur route. So far you’ve allowed limiting beliefs to hold you back. You may have also sabotaged your own success by not even trying because you fear objections. It’s understandable. When at work, expectations are already laid out for you and when you start your own business…something you control, you have to get into the driver’s seat and navigate the way.

That’s where mindset work comes in. It involves retraining your mind. My job is to equip you with skill sets and strategies to help you self-identify limiting beliefs. Our work together will result in a reprogram of your automatic thought-processes so that you can move forward with clarity, increased self-confidence and belief in your ability to produce more positive outcomes.

I’ve been where you are…scared, afraid, and filled with disbelief. You don’t have to remain stuck. I can help you if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone, do the work and ultimately change your life! Together, we’ll follow a specific plan so you’ll know how to take action on your goal of breaking free from the 9-5. If you believe Mindset Coaching might be just what you need, I invite you to click the link below and book a Discovery Call. Together, we’ll discover if we’re a good fit for one another.

My best,


Your Mindset Coach