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I imagine you didn’t land here by accident. I view my job as very simple: I help Professional Counselors like you heal from burnout so you can achieve career liberation!  I do this by helping you heal from burnout, explore and improve your mindset and tackle the money blocks that keep you in a place of limited financial abundance.  Many like you feel completely burned out working as a mental health counselor. It’s common to not get paid what you’re worth, have no ability to choose your clients and wait years for a pay raise as if you were getting paid fairly to begin with. To top it off, you can never take enough time off to actually replenish the energy that gets drained at work. The high you feel from your recent cruise will only last so long, love. 

Some of the side effects of burnout reported are anxiety (to include frequent panic attacks,) depression, tearfulness at work and the inability to manage their personal lives. This, unfortunately is all too common. As Professional Counselors, we are naturally helpers. We want to see others thrive. So much so that we often ignore our own needs in sacrifice of others. We hide our internal pain for fear of appearing weak and are afraid of what our family and colleagues might think if we even hint at trying something new. We settle for low compensation becuase we’re told there’s a cap on how much we can earn working in the mental health field and so some never request the raise they so desperately deserve. Hello money blocks! 

If you’re thinking “That sounds like me!,” you’re in the right place. I can help you remove those blocks so that you too can make the changes you desperately desire. My job is to give your mindset the reboot it needs. There are beliefs you’re likely holding on to from your past and present experiences that no longer serve you. That can all change today…if you’re willing to accept my help. I invite you to contact me for a complimentary Discovery Call where we’ll discuss your needs and how I can help you pursue the path that will set you free! The path you were always meant to walk.  

Remember love, healing starts with you!


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