Marquita Myrick partners with individuals to help them overcome the challenges brought on by life experiences. Whether you’re seeking counseling or coaching, she is ready to help you claim the life you deserve! 


You were supposed to land on this website today. You’re searching for answers outside yourself and are looking for guidance and direction on how to get out of your head and back into your life. The people around you just don’t understand your needs and you’re ready to share your inner fears with someone who can help guide you past them. You want to feel less depressed, anxious and burned out in your personal and professional life. You desire more life satisfaction all around and you’re currently feeling like that might not exist but you landed on this page today and I’m here to tell you that it does. I have years of experience helping people just like you. It’s possible to turn things around and sometimes you just need a little help. 

If you’re ready to finally get results, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary Consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and how I can help you find the path that will set you free. The path you were always meant to walk.  

Remember, healing starts from within.

Marquita S. Myrick, MA, NCC, LPC

Award Winning Licensed Professional Counselor





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Marquita Myrick provides both counseling and coaching services to people who are ready to stop surviving and start living!

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To empower individuals to heal their mental wounds and live life on their own terms.

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